Pho Restaurant

Jessica Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine prides itself for being the most traditional Vietnamese restaurant in Prince Rupert, BC and the surrounding are. We are the premier pho restaurant for the most important reasons. Our Asian restaurant only serves the freshest chicken, beef, herbs and rice noodles of the highest quality. All our Vietnamese dishes are made with passion and love, translating a delectable dish to melt meet all your expectacion.

Jessica Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine’s traditional pho is served with rice noodle and different cuts of beef and garnished with green, white onion, cilantro and a side of basil, lemon, jalapenos and bean sprouts. You can also order our delicious seafood noodles pho is served with shrimp, squid, fillet, and fish. It’s up to you on how you want to eat this delectable dish.

We are proud about our Vietnamese food and we want you to experience the same passion we have. Our staff is professional and always happy to serve our customers with the most delicious Asian food. Come grab a bite at Jessica Restaurant Vietnamese Cuisine. We also provide Vietnamese catering service in Prince Rupert, BC!